Chris Beaumont

I am a Software Engineer at Counsyl, where I build tools that help people understand their genetic information. Prior to this, I was a software engineer at Harvard's Center for Astrophysics, where I built tools like Glue to visualize data from the James Webb Space Telescope. I received my PhD in astronomy from the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy in 2013.

You can find me on Twitter or GitHub, or take a look at my Resume or C.V.

Open Software Projects

  • Glue
    A Python application to create linked, interactive visualizations of multiple files
  • CS109: Data Science
    Assignments, labs, and handouts developed for Harvard's course on Data Science
  • The ADS All Sky Survey
    An interactive heatmap of astronomy publications on the sky
  • Toasty
    Tool to build WorldWide Telescope image pyramids (TOAST tiles) from arbitrary data
  • Astrodendro
    A library to create, visualize, and analyze dendrograms from astrophysical datasets

Essays and Data Visualization

Press Coverage